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Travel Time in Spring

Posted on 31 March 2018 by admin (0)

Spring often provides images of the meadows in full bloom – dandelions and daffodils adding bright colors to an otherwise just green slab of land. Little do people know about the kind of amazing imagery found by the Oregon coast every time April kicks in. And this is because April is the off-peak season on this side of the west coast.


Beaches are usually fun places to hang out during the summer when the sun is up and you want to splash cool, refreshing water close to the shore. But not all beaches have this picturesque feel come sunset. Sometimes you just spend time with a close friend whom you know at an intimate level and snap out of a long conversation and realize that it’s almost sunset. And that time is one of the hardest instances to miss by the seashore.

This is why some travelers are willing to spend some time by the seashore reading their favorite paperback or the most recent best-seller. They usually do this about 2 hours before the estimated time of sunset. So once the sunset happens, these folks are ready to whip out their gadgets and take snapshots of the sunset.

These snapshots turn out to be idyllic wallpapers, screensavers and the like for their respective gadgets. The way the clouds hovered above the sun as it tried to set reminded you of those dramatic paintings that displayed how the colors changed hues from the clouds up in the sky to the clouds just above the sun itself. Add the rock formations on each side of the frame and you have an instant stock photo to use if you feel like attaching some motivational quote in the middle of that photo.


Some resorts managed to preserve the woods without making it look like a forest with all the wild animals that might attack tourists. It resulted in a foliage-based scenery that would remind some travelers of the way beaches are made to look dramatic in Robert Zemeckis’ “Cast Away”. The good news is you don’t have to suffer a plane crash to experience the unadulterated beach experience.

A cottage in front of the beach helps you view the sea from where you stood by the front door. It’s an ideal image for a snapshot. The view was made exquisite by the sight of the trees on either side of the frame as if telling you that the center of the attention is the seashore. The sun is not too bright but it helped in creating a svelte silhouette from the trees.

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