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Things to Bring on a Trip

Posted on 24 September 2017 by admin (0)

Reminders have never been so in-demand as it is now when you are surrounded by distractions. From gadgets to social media, mobile app versions of to-do lists have served as ways to tell yourself that there are things needed to be in the travel bag before snoozing that task on your smartphone.

With millennials constantly living “in real time” having gadgets and trinkets to make that weekend getaway worthwhile have become a must. Like which accessories should never be separated from your smartphone pouch?

Listed below are some of the major items to take when traveling on a weekend.

  • The charger

Chargers lately have gone versatile. Knowing that some travelers have several devices taken to the trip, the manufacturers behind the best chargers made the cords fitting to most gadgets. This tip helps when you book a room with outlets for the said purpose. Otherwise, have the next accessory ready for the trip too.

  • The power bank

Most power banks sold online already comes with a cord that can fit whether your phone is by Apple or by Android. Portability is the main thing that made power banks reliable when stuck in the middle of an outdoor trek with no outlet whatsoever with which to plug that mobile phone charger. A power bank with multiple plugging slots is highly recommended so you can charge your smartphone and your digital camera at the same time.

  • The hat

Because of the sun. That’s why. A visor may help you by giving shade to your eyes along with your sunnies. Also, it secures the bun with which you put your hair in. That is in case you’re not set to keep your hair down for the trek. Hats also have a way of making your selfies look better. In group pictures, the stylish hats make you distinguishable compared to your other travel buddies. And with that in mind ….

  • The tripod

You can no longer use the excuse of being the default photographer among your travel buddies when you can set the timer on your camera phone. If you need a bigger group shot, putting your camera phone securely on a tripod with the timer settings in place give everyone an opportunity to be in the group pics. The last thing you then have to worry about would be random photobombers.

Note these items on your smartphone reminders the closer you get to the weekend. It always pays to be prepared for that trip to your favorite trekking site or similar weekend getaway that comes to mind. If you’re going to make that trip memorable, keep tab of the things that will store the memories of the said trip for keepsakes.

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