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How To Travel Light

Posted on 09 October 2017 by admin (0)

The carry-on bag has become the go-to item when trying to travel light. Fewer items to pack, unload and pack – in that order – means more time to enjoy the journey itself. Sounds cliche. But the anticipation of the best weekend getaway is best to remember with less baggage. Literally.

There are some items that you don’t have to bring. When you have only one bag to use for that weekend trip, you need to maximize the space allotted for the essentials. This means less of the things you’d be using when one version ends up getting used more frequently.

Confused? Let the items below clarify what you should bring less of due to them being used more of.

  • One pair of shoes

On the plane, you might be using a pair of sandals or step-ins to go with your travel clothes. Then you store the shoes in your carry-on luggage. If it is a non-business trip, the pair of tennis shoes you wear on the plane could also pass as the shoes to wear while strolling by the beach.

If it is a business trip, you may wear the loafers on the plane trip itself while wearing slacks for pants to go with your buttoned top and non-wrinkly type of blazer. Very convenient when you are the kind of conference attendee that goes straight to the session hall from the airport. So if ever there are more than 2 days for the business conference, you don’t have to change into a different pair of shoes for a different day.

  • One pair of jeans

Not one pair of pants. One pair of jeans. Usually worn on the plane trip, the thinner slacks/pants (preferably light cotton) can fit in the carry-on luggage easily, giving room for other items like an extra t-shirt, toiletries and other essentials that can fit in that bag.

Traveling light means knowing what to wear on the plane as opposed to the type of clothes to wear in the business conference and the free time on the beach. Have these reminders ready in case you only feel like taking some carry-on luggage for your next trip to avoid the hassles of over-packing. Happy trip.