Travel Time in Spring

Posted on 31 March 2018 (0)

Spring often provides images of the meadows in full bloom – dandelions and daffodils adding bright colors to an otherwise just green slab of land. Little do people know about the kind of amazing imagery found by the Oregon coast every time April kicks in. And this is because April is the off-peak season on this side of the west coast.


Beaches are usually fun places to hang out during the summer when the sun is up and you want to splash cool, refreshing water close to the shore. But not all beaches have this picturesque feel come sunset. Sometimes you just spend time with a close friend whom you know at an intimate level and snap out of a long conversation and realize that it’s almost sunset. And that time is one of the hardest instances to miss by the seashore.

This is why some travelers are willing to spend some time by the seashore reading their favorite paperback or the most recent best-seller. They usually do this about 2 hours before the estimated time of sunset. So once the sunset happens, these folks are ready to whip out their gadgets and take snapshots of the sunset.

These snapshots turn out to be idyllic wallpapers, screensavers and the like for their respective gadgets. The way the clouds hovered above the sun as it tried to set reminded you of those dramatic paintings that displayed how the colors changed hues from the clouds up in the sky to the clouds just above the sun itself. Add the rock formations on each side of the frame and you have an instant stock photo to use if you feel like attaching some motivational quote in the middle of that photo.


Some resorts managed to preserve the woods without making it look like a forest with all the wild animals that might attack tourists. It resulted in a foliage-based scenery that would remind some travelers of the way beaches are made to look dramatic in Robert Zemeckis’ “Cast Away”. The good news is you don’t have to suffer a plane crash to experience the unadulterated beach experience.

A cottage in front of the beach helps you view the sea from where you stood by the front door. It’s an ideal image for a snapshot. The view was made exquisite by the sight of the trees on either side of the frame as if telling you that the center of the attention is the seashore. The sun is not too bright but it helped in creating a svelte silhouette from the trees.

Good for the weekend?

Spending the night at your choice of the resort helps if you need a place to stay while waiting for your house to breathe. Some services provided by just about any house cleaning company today would involve cleaning solutions with a strong smell. Though there are house cleaning companies that use an eco-friendly product that doesn’t smell that strong. To learn more about cleaning methods for your home,  you can visit this cleaning website to see which options would fit your travel plans. Have fun planning your trip!

Learn How to Pack Early When Traveling

Posted on 28 January 2018 (0)

How early is early? It is a question that comes up either a month or a week before your planned trip out of town. You may be a little too busy at times to even think about what to do next. But having the foresight to plan helps when you have your tasks laid out for the next 3 weeks. In anticipation of the workload to come, here are ways to set your mind into packing early.

  • Sort clothes in the middle of folding them.

One trick that some travelers discover is how planning a trip can be infused in folding clothes. Most of the time, the staff at the laundromat has folded the clothes neatly in a package. If ever they are already sorted out, it distinguishes the clothes from the tops and the bottoms apart from blazers and slacks. Once it is your turn to sort them out, you separate the clothes that you intend to put into the suitcase from the clothes that you put back in the closet.

  • Analyze extra features, if ever, of your suitcase or luggage.

  • It doesn’t matter if your suitcase has been with you for years or it is something you just bought less than a week ago. There are certain pockets or straps that you don’t initially notice because you were often in a hurry packing stuff up. Those features are found in your suitcase for a reason – it is for you to use them. Who would have thought that there is a separate compartment to put your underwear and socks all this time?

  • Checking the ride-sharing services found in the planned destination.

It has yet to be confirmed will be classified as a moving company since some of the travelers that use it within the United States are movers with just a couple of boxes to take with them when transferring into a new home. Also, you have to confirm it yourself if Uber and other ride-sharing services are already available in your planned destination in case you see yourself going out of the country. Otherwise, you would be commuting. It becomes a problem when you are not very familiar with local rates. This then takes us to our final point.

  • Anticipate any last minute changes that may arise.

Commuting is already one thing. Traversing the routes around the tourist destination you intend to go around and about is another. Because going solo does not always work when you easily get lost. Good thing there are travel troupes that offer shuttle services not only from the airport to the hotel and back but in areas around the block where your chosen hotel is located. So apart from having extra cash and some loose change for whatever may occur before, during and after the trip, you are loaded enough to survive.

If you insist, early packing happens at least 48 hours before the trip itself. Then again, it will not help much unless you know what to do within the given time frame from the packing to the time spent waiting at the airport’s check-in area. Enjoy the journey.

How to utilize time away from home?

Posted on 22 January 2018 (0)

Sometimes you need time away from home to unwind and recharge your energy. Scheduling in some get away time can also be a great time to hire cleaning services to get things nice and tidy for when you finally return home, you can find a clean, organized and fresh place to relax. Everyone loves a clean home! This is would be a perfect time to have carpet cleaning performed, where the carpets can dry in time without the need to tippytoe around the house. Some of these cleaners do it at their place ready to pick up once you’re back from your weekend getaway. It’s the kind of out-of-home service that works well when booked at a time that you’re out of town. Since it is not that complicated, the ways that it can be done should be enumerated.

Night-out with friends.

Drinking the night away is only recommended if spent with friends. Going solo is fine but having a place to sleep right after getting tipsy can lead to “issues”, among other things. Drinking out with friends though? If you pass out on the way out of the club, at least you have 1 friend or two sober enough to drive you home. Or all friends can sleep overnight at a commonplace. So come the morning after, you can return home, get cleaned and dressed up to pick up the carpets from the cleaners.

Night swimming at a beachfront tourist destination.

A little similar to the previous point except that you went out of your way to go to some beachfront property with friends to drink and party the night away. This time, you don’t have to worry about getting home late or an involuntary sleepover simply because you passed out on the way out of the club. You get to balance liquor intake with partying and dipping in the pool. If you need night out-of-town on a limited time frame, this is a one-weekend getaway to go. […]

Traveling for the Meantime

Posted on 20 November 2017 (0)

Everyone likes to travel. Not everyone likes to pack. Even after getting the laundry dried up for folding, deciding which items make it to the suitcase, to the hand-carry bag and the little pouch you just thought of putting your smartphone and other valuables is a chore. But sometimes, you need a little break out of home especially when your own home needs a cleanup.

Yes, sometimes you just have to get out of the house and try to kill time while other people had to clean your house. Because if there would be a time where you need to stay out of the house for the house cleaning services to get their job done right (and with less supervision), it becomes a good time to go around town. It becomes a viable reason to travel.

There is a reason why some folks would rather schedule some house renovations on that one weekend when they are not at home. Because with renovations come paint jobs that take forever to evaporate. Even when you’re outside the house, the compound where the newly painted walls reeked of the butane smell all the way to the lawn and, at times, to the sidewalk where you don’t plan to spend all day standing. Time will feel slower that way, dragging you doing practically anything to push some stuff done at a nearby cafe.

Sometimes it’s an opportunity to have the cleaning duties scheduled on a weekday – the same day as that of your working hours. But that still involves coming home to freshly painted walls. Even if the only part of the house was the roof, it will still smell strong enough to affect the way you sleep if you even manage to get some sleep with that unpleasant odor assaulting your senses.

So, planning in advance your weekend getaway to coordinate the house repairs and renovations projects in tow work not only for your home but for your health. Wandering up and about might as well be done somewhere with scenic sights to take selfies with. Most weekend getaways only last the night. So having that one night away from home might as well be that night when you are waiting for your house to breathe out all of that odor.

It also becomes an excuse to reconnect with an old roommate who might still be living on his own and waiting for you to share the pad again even just for the meantime. Not only is it cheaper since it’s an old roommate after all but a chance to reconnect with people that were once part of your life and plan to keep for the rest of your life. It’s what the smartphone usually is for. Since you trusted them before for sharing a room with you, you can trust them again for a nightcap while letting the home breathe for the meantime.

Finding time to move about and see what other cities and tourist attractions have for you while waiting for the paint dry and the odor evaporate means finding a reliable company with which you can trust with your home while away somewhere. There are a few companies that include roof cleaning services, provided to their respective clients.

While this is not a reason to go slack in terms of keeping your valuables in your custody while waiting for the cleaning jobs to get done and over with, this is also an opportunity to get in touch with a roof cleaning company (that also offers roof-painting jobs) that you can trust your home with. Get in touch with them the soonest time possible and see both aspects of your life improve – your travel experiences and your home.

How To Travel Light

Posted on 09 October 2017 (0)

The carry-on bag has become the go-to item when trying to travel light. Fewer items to pack, unload and pack – in that order – means more time to enjoy the journey itself. Sounds cliche. But the anticipation of the best weekend getaway is best to remember with less baggage. Literally.

There are some items that you don’t have to bring. When you have only one bag to use for that weekend trip, you need to maximize the space allotted for the essentials. This means less of the things you’d be using when one version ends up getting used more frequently.

Confused? Let the items below clarify what you should bring less of due to them being used more of.